10 of the Most Gloriously Offensive Songs in History

The ever-reliable Jamie Stewart has outdone himself on the new Xiu Xiu album, Always (out this week), by including a song called “I Luv Abortion.” Bless. According to Stewart, the song is a song about a friend who “had an abortion out of love,” and is also “a big fuck you to the right wing in America.” We’re sure it’ll make for endless talk-radio fodder should Rush Limbaugh et al get hold of it, and that got us thinking about some of the other songs that have outraged middle America — and various other groups — over the years. We’ve put together a collection of some of the best and/or most noteworthy, both genuinely offensive and unfairly maligned. (Note: as with our gruesome songs feature a while back, this is essentially a light-hearted list, so there’s no Cannibal Corpse, etc. Sorry. Otherwise it’d be all grindcore, though.)

Riskay — “Smell Yo Dick”

The first time we heard this, we were convinced that it had to be a parody. But no, Riskay’s tender ballad about her ingenious method of detecting infidelity turned out to be 100 percent for real, which… well, there are no words, really.