Strange Love: 10 Weirdly Erotic Films

Nine ½ Weeks hits Blu-ray today — which means if you’ve been having fantasies about sleeping with Whiplash, performing a striptease to a Randy Newman-written song, and force feeding your loved one, then you should be a very happy person. While much of Adrian Lyne’s film reads as totally goofy and not nearly as erotic as the world was led to believe during its release in 1986 (the plethora of bad ’80s tuneage doesn’t help matters), there are a few glimmers of real sensuality. It doesn’t all add up, but it inspired us to explore other weirdly erotic films that take an unusual approach with their cinematic carnal pleasures. The darker, surreal, and completely unexpected await you below.


Lost Highway 

While there’s nothing erotic about Robert Blake’s Kabuki nightmare in David Lynch’s Lost Highway, the director proved yet again that he is no stranger to dark sensuality — sometimes loveless and usually mind bogglingly bizarre. Bill Pullman is the jazz musician at the center of Lynch’s 1997 film, who is framed for the murder of his wife (Patricia Arquette) and shipped off to prison. While there, he shapeshifts into a young mechanic (Balthazar Getty) and embarks on an obsessive romance with a mobster’s mistress (also played by Arquette), natch. It’s an unlikely blend of lurid sexuality, innocent yearning, and twisted fantasy that only Lynch could pull off so easily.