Foreign Adaptations of American TV Shows That We Wish We Could Watch

Gossip Girl is going to China. No, it’s not what you think — Blair isn’t marrying into Chinese money, Serena is not becoming an Asian pop star, and Dan’s book is not being translated into Mandarin. As unlikely as the idea seems, the creators of Gossip Girl truly are collaborating with a Chinese production company on an adaptation of the show, which Deadline notes is popular online viewing in the PRC. This odd news got us thinking about other unlikely, cool, and plain bizarre foreign adaptations of American TV shows. We’ve rounded up a few that we wish we could watch; add your favorites in the comments.

Chinese Gossip Girl

What would a show about debauched, promiscuous, wealthy teenagers beholden to a disembodied voice with a website look like in a censorship-happy, (nominally) Communist country? According to the press release, “the series [is] about the lives of the students of the prestigious Shanghai International University [pictured above], the school of choice of the rich and powerful. One’s social status reaches a new level once admitted into the school. Each week, the main characters’ trust, love and friendship are tested, with all the behind-the-scenes tales recorded in a blog. In the beginning, they are confused and lost, however over time, they discover who they really are and eventually find the right path to pursue their dreams.” If only we were convinced that American Gossip Girl’s characters had such a happy ending coming to them. Anyway, we’d watch it.