Our Favorite Futuristic Film Fashions

If you’re like us, then you’ve already bought your tickets for The Hunger Games movie, even though it doesn’t open until the 23rd. There’s no shame in that. We’ll also cop to spending a fair of amount of time clicking around on Capitol Couture, a promotional website devoted to the fashion in the film, specifically the sartorial whims of the citizens of District 1. While we all anxiously wait to see if the adaptation of the book lives up to what we had pictured in our heads, how about revisiting some of the most exciting futuristic film fashion that’s already graced the big screen? From Blade Runner to Tank Girl, we’ve rounded up some our personal favorites after the jump; leave yours in the comments.

Blade Runner – Los Angeles, 2019

Of all the fantastic, retro futuristic costumes that Charles Knode and Michael Kaplan designed for Blade Runner, the ’40s film noir-inspired looks that they put together for replicant Rachael are our favorite — particularly the impeccably tailored two-piece suit pictured above. Just look at her shoulders! It’s almost enough to make a girl want to grow up to be a genetically engineered robot.