The Most Fabulous and Funky Architecture to Rent On Airbnb

Fiona Apple passionately advised us that we don’t sleep to dream. Well, we don’t. We peruse Airbnb. A self-proclaimed “community marketplace for unique spaces,” Airbnb is to globetrotting adventure seekers what Etsy is to diehard vintage treasure hunters.

Founded by three Rhode Island School of Design alumns, Airbnb’s story began in a San Francisco living room. Knowing that a prominent design conference was coming to town, but that all the nearby hotels had been booked solid, the design school grads decided to put their alma matter’s creed into action. “Living the belief that ‘creativity can solve problems’, they decided to offer up their place, along with a tasty breakfast and local hospitality, to a few friendly strangers attending the event.”

What began with three guys and airbeds has now evolved to become a unique collection of crash pads in over 16,000 cities and 186 countries around the world. From Frank Lloyd Wright’s LIFE Magazine Dream House to a mushroom cabin in a Redwood grove to your very own apartment-cum-art-gallery, click through to check out our picks of the best architecturally significant living experiences to try on for size.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Schwartz House – Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Image credit: Airbnb