10 of the Best Worst Movies

Plan 9 from Outer Space from cult director Ed Wood hit Blu-ray this week. The film has famously been dubbed the worst movie ever made. We can’t help but admire the low budget filmmaker’s ability to craft an alien invasion — a charming feat considering his lack of resources (cardboard cutouts and model-kits on strings abound), amateur cast, and weirdly intercut footage of Bela Lugosi who posthumously starred in the sci-fi schlockfest. In celebration of all the best, worst movies out there, we wanted to examine a few other favorites. It’s all subjective, but these are a couple of standouts that managed to be entertaining despite the odds. Share your picks below, and let us know if you approve of ours in the comments section.



Paul Verhoeven’s stripper-turned-star saga Showgirls is often the first film people mention when talking about guilty pleasure movies. Saved by the Bell actress Elizabeth Berkley bared all for audiences in the 1995 tale, which found her as a drifting dancer climbing the ranks from seedy clubs to Vegas headliner. It’s completely glossy, bitchy, nude, and juvenile — devoid of eroticism or even anything fascinatingly perverted. Still, it’s hard to turn away from Berkley’s earnest and wildly energetic performance. Plus, the epileptic sex scene — in which Kyle MacLachlan looks absolutely terrified — provides endless amounts of laughter and confusion.