The 10 Best Portlandia Guest Stars

Tonight, Portlandia comes to an end after its second too-short season. The past nine episodes have brought us a “cool wedding,” the dream of the 1890s, a band with a cat in it, and a campaign against the Olympics — which were really never in danger of coming to Portland, anyway. We learned that durian fruits are actually aliens (which made a lot of sense) and that there are entire companies dedicated to sourcing bad art for coffee shops. And, of course, we enjoyed guest appearances from all kinds of celebrities, from indie rockers to filmmakers to A-list comedians. To celebrate another successful series of hipster-mocking sketches and yuppie-lampooning gags, we’re counting down Portlandia’s ten best guest stars — so far.

10. Miranda July in “Two Girls, Two Shirts”

As The New Yorker has documented, artistic polymaths Carrie Brownstein and Miranda July have been friends for years. In this skit, July sends up her pretentious reputation as the haughtier half of a retail partnership that turns out to be too high-concept minimalist for its own good.