Bizarre Sculptures That Will Shock and Awe You

While the surreal visions dreamed up by London-based American artist Nancy Fouts might look like the result of someone having a little too much fun with Photoshop, they are in fact real sculptures. She keeps boxes of objects on hand to inspire her pieces, which range from the absurdly hilarious (a cracked egg that contains another smaller egg; a toothbrush with teeth instead of bristles) to the slightly sinister (a snail slithering along a razor blade; a birdhouse surrounded by spikes). As Fouts explained to My Modern Met, her work is “all about manipulating the object to realize my idea. Everything starts with the idea… It’s not deep, but it’s entertaining and it makes people smile.” Click through and see how you react when confronted with her strange, provocative creations.

Image credit: Nancy Fouts