10 Celebrities Who Worked Straight Jobs After Becoming Famous

As evidenced by an ever-increasing glut of TV talent quests and reality shows, the public seems to imagine fame as some sort of existential panacea, something that changes your life so dramatically that everything’s suddenly somehow all right — you can pay the bills, and get laid, and most importantly, you can quit your boring-ass job. Unfortunately, that’s not always how it goes. One of our readers contacted us recently and suggested we do a roundup of celebrities who worked straight jobs after becoming famous — we loved the idea, and so, thanks to reader Ken Schaefle, here’s a selection of well-known types who went back to work post-fame, or who never stopped working in the first place.

Lou Reed: typist

It’s hard to imagine the man in this picture working any sort of straight job, but that’s exactly what he did in the early 1970s after the Velvet Underground imploded. He returned to his parents’ house on Long Island and took a job manning the typewriter at his father’s accountancy firm. Happily, a year of this was enough, and in 1971 he recorded his debut solo album.