10 Tumblrs for Art Lovers to Follow

As of February 2012, young Tumblr hosts 46.2 million blogs and more than 18 billion total posts. Wow, that’s a lot of Tumbling, but we do alright. How does one navigate this endless digital sea to seek out interest-specific content? Is there an “f-yeah so-and-so” just for you? We don’t know what you’re into, but there’s probably a dot Tumblr dot com for that.

Tumblr is perfect for art browsing. The immediacy of publishing art finds, the amount of content that can be viewed at once, the inter-connected visual-based communities it spawns — it’s like one group, lightning-fast field trip to a vast, endless museum. In case you’re into contemporary art, criticism, aesthetic entities born off and in the Internet culture, and really, really weird random stuff — we’ve rustled up some curious Tumblrs to follow that best utilize Tumblr, with very short introductions. Browse away. Frolic around. Oh, and follow them. It’s what they’re there for.

Contemporary Art Daily

Like this blog post, each particular art Tumblr aggregates to a specific preference, and this one is varied, with quirks, perfect for helping you spark that creative moment. Contemporary Art Daily’s site is very nifty, providing current gallery listings galore. Consider their Tumblr a most glorious run-off of extra bits, ends, and… dishwashers full of dildos.