10 Foods Impersonating Design Classics

We all know and adore The Secret Life of Food, a quirky kids recipe book that explores food “masquerading as ordinary objects found in and around your home.” We never get tired of anthropomorphizing – well – anything, and imagining that the most common grocery store item can have another, better, more creative life is endlessly entertaining.

With that, here’s our roundup of food’s best attempts at being design important. From gummy bears pretending to be our favorite ubiquitous bearskin rug to cocktail sausages playing at Zanotta’s blow chair to Jell-O taking on the tough task of impersonating Wendell Castle’s awfully solid Castle Chair, consider this an edible masquerade ball celebrating modern design classics. Call us crazy, but we see a successful meme series in the making. Let us know in the comments: what edible personalities would you most like to see “dress up” as a modern masterpiece?

Orange gummy bear as bearskin rug, Brock Davis (2011)

Image credit: Laser Bread