10 Film Characters Who Went Back to School

This Friday Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are heading back to high school in Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s adaptation of the late ’80s and early ’90s TV drama, 21 Jump Street. Hill and Tatum are taking over the roles that Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco made famous — two undercover agents busting drug baddies at a local high school. The Hill written and produced version (Tatum also has a producer credit) puts a comedic spin on things (obviously), as the duo ends up joining the secret Jump Street unit of the local police department. They also return to school on the DL, but find that their traumatic high school pasts often gets in the way of their investigation.

Whether film characters head back to class to reinvent themselves, chase lost dreams, or take on an entirely new identity, hitting the books for a second go-round always seems to inspire great hilarity and drama. We’ve revisited ten other back to school movies past the break. Tell us your favorites?


Back to School

Rodney Dangerfield had roles in well-known comedy classics like Caddyshack, but it wasn’t until his 1986 film Back to School that the darkly madcap comedian really came into his own. He plays Thornton Melon — a millionaire who enrolls at his disheartened son’s university to show him the ropes, but ends up learning a lesson or two about life while there. Dangerfield’s quick and smarmy one-liners, the appearance of Kurt Vonnegut (playing himself), and a slew of strong cast members make this a memorable entry in the 1980’s comedy canon.