Ranking ‘Friday Night Lights' Actors' Post-‘FNL' Careers

Taylor Kitsch used to be the best-kept secret in show business: a teen idol-worthy dreamboat who could back up his good looks with solid acting chops. For five years, between 2006 and 2011, his work was confined mostly to Friday Night Lights — which, despite being one of our favorite TV shows of all time, has always drawn a miniscule audience. But this year, Kitsch is everywhere. Last weekend, he made his blockbuster leading-man debut in Disney’s John Carter, a sci-fi action movie that’s garnered middling reviews and finished second in last weekend’s box office race. Although the film isn’t likely to win Kitsch any acting awards, it’s bound to make him a household name.

Now that Tim Riggins has entered the Hollywood stratosphere, this seems like the perfect time to check in on the entire FNL cast. After the show’s final season earned them both a Television Critics Association’s Program of the Year award and multiple major Emmy nominations (as well as a best actor win for Kyle Chandler), how are the former residents of Dillon, TX doing? We rank their post-FNL careers from weakest to strongest, after the jump.

Gaius Charles

One of our favorite members of the original Friday Night Lights cast, Gaius Charles seems to have experienced some inexplicable career stagnation in the years since he left the show in 2008. Apparently, the actor who played showboating running back Smash Williams shifted his focus to theater. Aside from a few smallish film roles — did you catch him as a CIA officer in Salt? — and a guest spot on Pan Am, Charles has largely faded from the spotlight. Whether by choice or not, this is a shame. Someone, write this guy a good part!