The Westboro Baptist Church's Most Hilarious Cultural Critiques

As much as we’re all disgusted by the hate-mongering, attention-seeking antics of Fred Phelps and his entire Westboro Baptist Church gang, we have to admit that occasionally we’re very amused by their opinions on popular culture. Seriously, whoever they get to write their press releases and offensive biographies of celebrities can get deliciously catty at times, to the point where if they ever get disowned by the church, they could probably get a very cushy job writing for E!’s Fashion Police.

Don’t think you have to sift through all the repulsive rhetoric on their websites to find these gems of critical insight, however — we’ve rounded up the best ones for you! Normally, we’d ask for suggestions of what we’ve missed in the comments, but really, don’t. We’re already sick of them as it is.


“You have stolen the Word of God from your people and children, and as a sorry substitute, you prop up lightness and lies… Radiohead is just such an event. Freak monkey’s with mediocre tunes keeps you busy and focused by lightness. It changes nothing, God is undoing and digging up and throwing down this nation.”

Is it weird that we’re more offended by their improper use of punctuation here than we are by their musical critique? Especially since some of them actually think Radiohead is pretty talented?