10 Albums That Would Make Great Theme Parties

A couple of weeks back, our esteemed Deputy Editor Judy Berman passed a Friday morning by looking at a selection of movies that would would make for great theme parties. The idea catalyzed much intra-office discussion, and it also got us thinking about similarly party-friendly concepts from elsewhere in the world of culture. One area stood out in particular: music! There are loads of albums that’d make for good theme parties, records that carry a strong visual aesthetic and/or create a whole little world of their own. We’ve collated a selection of music-related ideas for our next theme party after the jump — what are yours?

Parliament — Mothership Connection

There ain’t no party like a P-Funk party, and the outrageous style cultivated by George Clinton and co. throughout the ’70s should give you plenty of inspiration as far as both costumes and general decorations go. Basically, the more flamboyant the better — crazy wigs and sunglasses, epic platform boots, gold leaf, fur, spandex, jewelry, ancient Egyptian knick-knacks… just keep an eye on the punch to make sure no one slips acid into it. If you need further inspiration, we recommend reviewing this rather erudite essay on P-Funk mythology. Either way, we call dressing as Star Child.