10 Pop Culture Characters Addicted to Sweets

Even though Murphy Brown never trusted Girl Scouts, because they “wear paramilitary uniforms while reciting oaths and starting fires,” we’re still celebrating Girl Scout Cookie Week (an event that should be year-long, really). With sugar on the brain and woefully empty pockets, we’re looking at pop culture characters in film and television that are addicted to sweets. Yes, these on-screen personalities would be thrilled if you intravenously fed them confections day and night — and we can’t say we blame them. Sweet crystalline substance abusers await you past the break. Tell us if we missed your favorites in the comments below.


The Golden Girls

Cheesecake was the glue of Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, and Blanche’s friendship. Every episode featured the girls gathered around the kitchen table with forks in hand, talking out their problems, and sharing pivotal moments from their own lives — including Rose’s nonsense stories about St. Olaf and Sophia’s wildly exaggerated tales of romance. It was always funny, sometimes heartbreaking, and quintessentially the girls.