Stunning Ink Paintings of Wild Animals

Trying to make the amazing colors and textures found in the natural world translate onto the page must be a daunting task, but Brooklyn-based artist George Boorujy, is obviously up for the challenge. His ink on paper portraits of North American birds and other native wildlife are incredibly rich and detailed; many of his curiously posed subjects seem poised to spring from the page — or at the very least challenge the viewer to an extremely intense staring contest.

“I want people to look at the world around them and see the things they overlooked before,” he has previously explained. “To ‘re-see’ them. By presenting something very common — so common that it’s lost any power as an image — in a new way you can try to get people to see it again. And maybe see it truly.” Click through to preview some of his work, which we spotted thanks to Colossal, and check out Booryjuy’s solo show, Blood Memory, at New York City’s P.P.O.W. gallery beginning on March 15th.

George Boorujy, Fugue, 2010. Ink on paper, 38 x 50 inches