Listen to Dearly Departed Authors Read Their Work

We admit, we’ve been on a bit of a literary audio kick lately (we suggest listening to The Hunger Games at the gym). Last week, we thought about which books we wished would be read to us by famous actors, but this week we felt an urge to get a little closer to the source, and see if we could listen to some of our favorite dearly departed authors reading from their own work. There’s something very satisfying about hearing an author read their work aloud — it’s probably as close we’ll ever get to being inside their heads. Intonation, emphasis, when they giggle to themselves, when they sigh — all of these small details can enthrall literary geeks like us, and perhaps enhance our understanding. We’ve collected audio recordings of fifteen famous authors reading their own work aloud from around the web, so lean back, take a listen, and let yourself be just a little bit transported.

Flannery O’Connor reads her most famous short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” at Vanderbilt University in 1959.