10 Classic Rom-Com Epiphany Moments

If you just saw Friends with Kids and are considering procreating with your best friend in the hope that it will awaken some latent attraction and end this tortuous search for love already, you’re not alone. But as cultural critics we feel it’s our job, no duty, to point out that although this new rom-com is wonderful and refreshing, it still employs some of the same devices as its predecessors, namely the late-game epiphany. You know what we’re talking about. The moment in which one of the leads realizes their soul mate has been in front of them the whole time. Thanks to dramatic denouement and proper timing, rom-coms have led us to believe it’s a perfectly good idea to date our sex buddies, stepbrothers, and sparring partners. Just click through some of our favorite examples to see what we mean. And as always, we invite you to share your favorites in the comments.

Clueless: “Oh my God. I love Josh!”

After failing her driving test and getting in a fight with Tai, Cher wanders the boutiques of Beverly Hills wondering why she can’t do anything right. She begins to wonder why Tai would even like Josh, her gross ex-stepbrother who listens to “complaint rock” (Radiohead) and is “not even cute” (in the conventional way). Then, as the Electric Fountain erupts and Jewel’s “All by Myself” crescendos, it dawns on her: “I am majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love with Josh.” See the moment in GIF form here.