Fantastic Pop-Culture Mash-Ups of Famous Paintings

Nothing will bring an artist Internet fame more quickly than a clever appropriation of pop culture. But although we see dozens — really, we’re not exaggerating — of gimmicky juxtapositions of high and low art every day, we’re really quite taken with Hillary White’s “pop-reinterpetations,” which we discovered via The Mary Sue. Inserting the Muppets in a familiar Rembrandt or Freddy Krueger in Van Gogh’s ubiquitous Café Terrace at Night, White shows both wit and skill, seamlessly integrating contemporary characters with centuries-old masterpieces. Click through to see some of our favorite remixes, and visit White’s website for more.

Hillary White, The Anatomy Lesson of Mr. Bird (after Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp)