Costumed Couple Imitates Social Group Stereotypes

You may recognize yourself or your loved one in Spanish-based photographer Nacho Rojo‘s Couples series. In an interview with Blur magazine, the artist shared more about the origins of the project: “Couples began as a simple portrait of me and my girlfriend turning into different kinds of people or social groups. At the beginning, we made two images and step by step, we began investigating a little bit more.”

The duo dons various stereotypical “costumes,” transforming themselves into everything from bookish, nerdy types to rockabilly, tattooed fiends, and more. It’s also an interesting way to look at the theory that couples tend to emulate one another unknowingly over time. (Rojo and his girlfriend could easily be siblings in several of these images, if not all.) See if any of Rojo’s costumed identities match your own in the gallery below.

Image credit: Nacho Rojo