Strange Yet Familiar Photos of NYC on the Brink of the '80s

Every time we transport through decades of yesteryear in Olde New York — from the 1900s, to the 1940s, to the mid 1970s —  we’re thrown into a state of conflicting sensations: “Hey, wait, that corner’s three blocks from our office. Wow, it looks different. And wait, no, it doesn’t.” Something like that, again and again. It’s not the scrawled graffiti on a boarded up storefront is so exciting, it’s the fact that it says the Sex Pistols, circa the Sex Pistols! Come with us as we stroll through vintage New York courtesy these photos by Michael Sean Edwards, found by the Retronaut. New Yorkers, are you getting what we’re getting? A déjà vu? A double take?

Photo credit: Michael Sean Edwards. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street, 1980