Are These the World's "Luckiest" Photos?

A lot goes into making the perfect photograph: a good eye, impeccable composition, and lighting skills, for starters. Yet, sometimes, you need a little bit of magic for the right image to unfold before your lens, a stroke of luck that aligns the various elements and then, your quick instinct to capture the moment. We’ve rounded up a few great examples from both classic and contemporary photography just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. These are all fantastic photographers to begin with, so take a look and decide: Are these shots lucky or are they just good?

Yes, as wrong as it feels to call anything Garry Winogrand has ever ever done “lucky” instead of simply “brilliant,” this shot of NY’s El Morocco club from 1955 is captivating. Shot just at the moment of this stranger’s stretched grin, the fingers stretching into claws from the movement… Muah!