Enormous Sculptures of Books Exploding Out of Buildings

There’s book art — many beautiful examples of which are cropping up every day — and then there’s extreme book art. The exhilarating work of Madrid-based artist Alicia Martín clearly falls into the latter category. In her dramatic Biografias series, thousands of books explode out the windows of three buildings, evoking such forces of nature as waterfalls and tornadoes. To us, these massive sculptures symbolize the boundary-busting, life-changing power of literature — but we don’t want to over-think them, either, because they’re also just breathtaking to behold. Check out a selection of images from Biografias (including one that reveals what these structures look like from the inside) after the jump, and then visit Martín’s gallery’s website to see more of her book-obsessed work.

Alicia Martín, Biografias