Expensive Nerdy Toys for Kids (That Are Really for Adults)

Sure we’re still feeling the effects of the economic crisis, but let’s pretend that you have millions of dollars just sort of lying around. What would you do with it all? Well, you could run for president, of course, but we know we’d rather throw around a whole bunch of money making all of the nerdiest dreams we had as children come true. Seriously, if you’re the offspring of a software entrepreneur or something, there are some crazy gifts out there for you to put on your Christmas list! Here are some of the priciest geek toys on the market. They may be marketed to kids, but many will clearly appeal more to grown-up fans — and they run from least to most expensive, so prepare yourself now for the end of the list. Seriously, you might want to sit down.

Lucasfilm Force X lightsaber, $120

Nerd or not, who does not want a lightsaber? No one, that’s who. Lucasfilm Force X lightsabers are the closest we’ll ever get to owning a real one, and they come in a different styles so you can play at being your favorite Jedi, from Luke Skywalker to Mace Windu (which, whatever, he was pretty boring, but hey, purple lightsaber, right? That’ll be great for a feminine mini-nerd). And at $120, it’s a bargain! Well, double that if you want the Darth Maul, as you’ll have to connect up the halves yourself.