The Crazy DVD Packaging Hall of Fame

The DVD of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was officially released yesterday, and a lot of people are confused by its unusual cover design, which resembles a bootleg video you might buy on the street. So many people mistook the disc for a pirated copy that the DVD-rental company Redbox has had to put a warning message on all their vending machines. This may well be the most press DVD art has gotten in years — which is too bad, because there are definitely some stranger designs out there than a fake pirated cover. Here are some of our favorites.

Blade Runner Five-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition

This boxed set actually doubles as an authentic Voight Kampf test! If you suspect somebody of being a replicant, tell them that you spent over $100 for a cheap metal suitcase full of DVDs. If they react as if this is a totally reasonable thing for you to spend your money on, then watch out: they’re probably not human.