10 Buildings Shaped Like Fruit

There’s nothing that gets our day going like a healthy dose of novelty architecture. What’s more fun than imagining life in a giant seashell, an oversized picnic basket or better yet, a strawberry?

Stemming from a childhood obsession with Roald Dahl’s magical and macabre adventure tale, James and the Giant Peach, Old Mother Hubbard’s shoe, and the best ride in Fantasyland — the Mad Hatter’s spinning teacups — we admit that there’s a special place in our hearts for all things larger than life. From the historic orange juice stands of California’s Central Valley to a restaurant shaped like a pineapple to the cutest extra large strawberry we’ve ever seen, click through to check out our adult exploration of real world architecture shaped like giant pieces of fruit. Then, let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite jumbo fruit building.

Sanrio’s Ichigo no Ouchi (Strawberry House) – Tokyo, Japan

Image credit: kbo