Dessert Paintings That Look Real Enough to Eat

Now that temperatures in the Northeast are topping 70 degrees, we can’t be the only ones with ice cream on the brain. For those seeking calorie-free gratification, look no further than Mary Ellen Johnson’s photorealistic dessert paintings — her banana splits, s’mores, and sticky buns are so perfectly rendered, we half expected to be able to stick a spoon through our computer screen and take a bite. Johnson writes that her work “stirs visceral and psychological impulses. It evokes nostalgia, and an intrinsic urge for gratification.” Aha. That probably explains why it’s making us so hungry. Click through to see a selection of dessert paintings, then visit Johnson’s website to see her tackle pancakes, pizza, sushi, and more.

Mary Ellen Johnson, Big Banana Split, 2011, oil on panel, 32” x 38”. Spotted via Beautiful/Decay