10 of the Most Unlikely Couples in the Music Industry

We recently heard a rumor that Lana Del Rey and Marilyn Manson are dating. Gasp! Whether or not it’s true, we’ve decided to take the opportunity to look back at the weirdest and most unlikely couples in the music industry. Though we know our understanding of celebrities is limited — we see them as figures crafted by marketing teams and stylists, and their appearances might not totally match their true natures — they do seem to have a knack for twisting themselves into seemingly bizarre romantic pairings, whether for media attention, true love, or just boredom, we’ll never know. Click through to see ten of the most unlikely celebrity couples with at least one musical member, at let us know if we’ve missed the one that shocks you most in the comments.

Lana Del Rey and Marilyn Manson

After shocking the world by dating starlet Evan Rachel Wood for three years, Manson is now seemingly sharing his eyeliner with Lana Del Rey, another dreamy-eyed, slightly edgy girl who’s way too pretty for him. He must have some sort of animal magnetism going on under all that black.