A Collection of Bizarre Bootleg Toys from Foreign Countries

Let’s face it: official merchandise is expensive, and a good chunk of the time it’s pretty crappy-looking anyway. As long as you’re committed to buying cheap toys of your favorite superheroes and video game characters, why not invest in some low-quality bootlegs? Translation errors, bad paint jobs, weird accessories, shoddy workmanship — these will all keep you entertained for ages, at bargain prices! The specimens below are only a few of the odd gems out there. Oh, and if you’re easily creeped out by weird children’s toys, be prepared; some of the products at the end of the list are total nightmare fuel!

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon was a popular Japanese anime program for young girls that premiered on American television in the early ’90s. We have no idea who Shirley Moore is. A princess soldier from the planet Moore, perhaps? Or maybe just your local librarian doing Sailor Moon cosplay?