10 Cartoonists Who Could Be the Next Daniel Clowes

Influential cartoonist Daniel Clowes has made an enviable career out of misanthropy. He’s earned awards for introducing readers to a well-meaning kidnapper, a superhero whose powers are activated by cigarettes, and a teenage girl with a penchant for hearses. Sunday marks the release of The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist, featuring rare material from the Ghost World creator’s 25-year career.

As Daniel Clowes continues to produce top-quality work, it’s easy to overlook the rising talent in alternative comics. There are many young artists who share his storytelling skills, interest in surrealism, and eye for biting observations. Discover some of these cartoonists below.

Anders Nilsen

Ten years in the making and over 600 pages long, Nilsen’s epic Big Questions focuses on a group of thoughtful birds as they try to make sense of unexplainable circumstances. The two-time Ignatz award winner has made equally profound work in the comics Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow, Dogs and Water, and Monologues for the Coming Plague.