Impressive ‘Prometheus’ Poster Concepts

Passionate film lover and LA-based designer Midnight Marauder has been putting his own special touch on cinema’s finest for some time now. He’s imagined his favorite films as Criterion releases, and designed some incredible DVD covers for movies like Rosemary’s Baby, No Country for Old Men, and more. Now, the designer has set his sights on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus — the highly-anticipated “origin” film that was meant to be a prequel to the director’s iconic Alien, but became its own entity entirely.

We spotted his new poster designs for the upcoming sci-fi film on Very Short List (along with these amazing Alien storyboards) and hope that Twentieth Century Fox and friends are paying attention. The grainy, minimal, muted tones and imagery simultaneously feel like an homage to Scott’s original movie while still being fresh and contemporary. We also appreciate their conceptual twist. The film doesn’t hit theaters until June 8, but between these posters and the ongoing teasers and trailers, we couldn’t be more excited for summer. Click through our gallery for a closer look at Midnight Marauder’s impressive works.

Image credit: Midnight Marauder