10 of Film History’s Meanest Bullies

The ruthless bully character has been a movie staple for decades, but the limited theatrical release of the new documentary Bully on March 30 ushered in a new kind of example – the heinous, reprehensible real-life bully. While we certainly don’t advocate bullying in real life situations, we’ve got to admit that we don’t mind seeing a little fictional bullying take place on the big screen. So here’s our breakdown of ten of the biggest, and baddest, movie bullies of all time, from nightmare-inducing teen thugs like Scut Farkus and Biff Tannen to more recent (but equally vicious!) additions to the canon, like Regina George.

“Ace” Merrill – Stand By Me (1986)

In A Nutshell: Alpha male of 1959 Castle Rock, Oregon and leader of the local bullies “The Cobras,” Merrill (Kiefer Sutherland) is a ruthless switchblade-toting jerk who loves nothing more than to pick on little Gordie Lachance (Wil Wheaton).

Bullying Offenses: Stealing Gordie’s favorite hat that his dead older brother Denny gave to him. Running a quartet of local thugs named “The Cobras.” Playing “car chicken” with innocent passersby. Threatening Gordie and Chris with a switchblade when they try to stop “Ace” from taking Ray Brower’s dead body.

Meanness Rating: 7. “Ace” is a truly mean guy punctuated by his tough snarl and cutting jabs about Gordie’s dead brother.