The ‘Simpsons’ Guide to Art History

The Simpsons have been on air since 1989. Just think about that for a second. Over 500 episodes chock-full of pop culture references, current event bits, film allusions, and art history homages, so very many art history homages. Ay caramba!

Alright. Let’s approach this the only way one can — with conspicuous subjectivity. From Bosch’s hell to Warhol’s wrath to Dalí’s delights, behold: Our ten favorite art history moments from The Simpsons, selected for their authenticity, context, visual loyalty, and utter ridiculousness. Feel free to argue. Really, do.

Season 2, Episode 10: Bart Gets Hit By a Car

After being run over by Mr. Burns’ automobile, Bart’s near death experience sends him into hallucinations of Hell, an homage to the great olde Hieronymus Bosch — the Hellish bit of his triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights (1504). Isn’t it more terrifying when the “Tree Man” with the eggshell body full of drunkards looks back with a Simpsonized mug?