The Best Single-Serving Animated GIF Tumblrs

Remember how we all thought animated GIFs were going to go away once we got tired of Hampster Dance and the dancing baby and… all those other dancing things? Well, they didn’t — after fading from pop culture for a few years, they eventually became bigger than ever on platforms like Tumblr, replacing the actual words of internet users who would rather use a clip from Glee to convey their emotions. Even though they may be suffering hitting a saturation point, we love GIFs — and we especially love hilarious GIFs that have nothing to do with anything. And what’s more irrelevant than a single-serving Tumblr, we ask you? Nothing! Here are some of our current favorites; let us know yours in the comments.

Chandler Dances on Things

Your favorite Matthew Perry character struts on Nutella, bacon, and — appropriately enough — the Bing logo.