Alessandro Gallo’s Frighteningly Lifelike Human-Animal Mutant Sculptures

It’s like something out of a nightmare: You step, bleary-eyed, onto the subway for your morning commute and find that everyone else in the car has the head of an animal. A frog in a lavender shirt clutches a plastic shopping bag, a tall, cross-legged snake reads the paper, a flamingo in a tank top stares off into the middle distance. But you’re not dreaming; you’ve just entered the mind of Alessandro Gallo, a Genoa-born, London-based artist who represented Italy in last year’s Venice Biennale. His sculptures of typical city dwellers with animal heads are so realistic as to be uncanny, nailing details like tattoos and folds of fabric to create mutants that look real enough to touch — or, you know run screaming away from. Click through to see some of Gallo’s work, which we discovered via Beautiful/Decay, and visit his website for more.

Image credit: Alessandro Gallo [via]