A Brief Survey of Vertical Gardens, Plantscrapers, and Edible Restaurants

What we like to think of as the greatest French invasion since Ladurée opened its doors on Madison Avenue, Patrick Blanc’s revolutionary mur végétal was installed at The New York Botanical Garden last month. Described as “mesmerizing and seductive,” the Orchid Show is not only the nation’s largest exhibition of the mysterious, exotic plant, but it’s also one of the few places in the States where you can experience what Time Magazine called one of The 50 Best Inventions of 2009: the vertical garden.

Inspiring architects and designers the world over to explore everything from vertical farms, skyscraper greenhouses, living murals, and restaurants with edible façades that take the notion of locavore to another level entirely, our favorite green-haired botanist has helped to usher in the post-industrial era’s successor — a new design epoch that we think should be classified as The Age of the Plant.

From Plantagon’s skyscraper farms in Sweden to the world’s first vertical forest in Italy to Singapore’s modern reinterpretation of the hanging gardens of Babylon, click through to check out our favorite living projects that are a welcome sign of today’s wilder, nature-loving times.

Skyscraper greenhouses – Linkoping, Sweden

Image credit: Plantagon