10 Fascinating Interviews with Legendary Journalist Mike Wallace

Just five months ago, the journalistic community lost 60 Minutes media personality Andy Rooney, and sadly Mike Wallace now joins him. The esteemed CBC reporter had an impressive career that spanned over sixty years, comprised of fascinating interviews with notable headliners. He spent decades asking tough questions, brazenly steering his interviews directly to the heart of the matter and getting answers audiences were dying to know. To share screen time with the legendary journalist could either signify your career’s high points, or it’s absolute lows. We’ve taken a look back at some of Wallace’s most memorable chats with famous faces. Whether on 60 Minutes, or one of the media giant’s earlier programs like The Mike Wallace Interview, these intriguing one-on-ones recall another era of journalism — with figures many of us would grapple at the chance to talk to — and Wallace was one of the best. Hit the jump to find out what the intrepid reporter asked of Malcolm X, Salvador Dalí, Ayn Rand, and others.

Ayn Rand

Mike Wallace got under Ayn Rand’s skin when he called her Objectivism movement “Rand-ism” and declared her challenging philosophy — which was still largely unknown in America at that time (1959) — selfish. He goes on to tell the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged author that she talks about love “as if it was a business deal of some kind.” She tells him, “Every business deal has to have its own terms and its own kind of currency … you love only those who deserve it.” This is also the famous interview where Rand called herself “the most creative thinker alive.”