Flavorpill’s 10 Most Anticipated Comics Releases, April-July 2012

While some people waste their springs cleaning, the rest of us know that the best way to spend it is outside, with a bag of comics. All of the major comics publishers seem to have the same idea, as the next few months are stacked with great releases. Here are ten comic books and graphic novels we’re looking forward to, from Gary Panter’s previously hard to come by masterpiece Dal Tokyo to the first graphic novel from cartoonist Dan Zettwoch.

1. Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score, Darwyn Cooke (May 2012)

There wasn’t a misstep to be found in Darwyn Cooke’s first two adaptations of Donald Westlake’s Parker novels, and you can expect The Score to follow in their bestselling footsteps. This time around, the flint-eyed Parker leads a team of crooks through one of the best scenarios the workaholic Westlake ever produced: the takedown of an entire town. As a book, The Score is already a masterpiece. There’s every reason to expect that Cooke’s adaptation will be one as well.