The Funniest Pop Culture Reality TV Mash-Ups

Ever been watching TLC and thought, “This rerun of Say Yes to the Dress could use some more characters from ’80s teen moves in it”? Well have no fear, because the Internet is full of ingenious people who’ve inserted your favorite shows, video games, and movies into your least favorite reality television programs to make them more entertaining. Check out this collection of hilarious videos, from real TV series to Zombie Idol, after the jump.

Star Wars Intergalactic Idol

Put together by the amazing editing team at Pistolshrimps, this video imagines a program in which Steve Tyler, J-Lo, and Randy Jackson are Yoda, Padmé, and Mace Windu. Actually, all this footage is from Phantom Menace, isn’t it? Maybe that one contestant really should stab everyone in the face.