Triple Word Win: Gifts for Scrabble Lovers

Browse your dictionaries and sharpen your pencils — tomorrow is National Scrabble Day! One out of three American families owns Hasbro’s popular word game, which is sold in nearly every country in the world. It’s hard to believe that tiny, wooden, innocuous letters can inspire such a fiercely competitive spirit in people — but the game is also popular with families and friends just looking to spend some quality time, who don’t mind using their brains in the process. So, before you busy yourself hosting a Scrabble game tomorrow, or wondering if the kids at the 2012 National School Scrabble Championships are way smarter than you (they probably are), head past the break to indulge your inner board game geek. We’re celebrating National Scrabble Day by sharing a few game-centric treats — ranging from food to fashion — that deserve your dollars and cents. Happy Scrabbling!

Vintage. Giant. What more do you need? Restoration Hardware’s board is 50% larger than the one in an average set.