10 of Music’s Most Delightfully Dark Pop Songs

The new Zambri record House of Baasa is out today, and if you’re as partial to dark pop music as we are, you’ll find plenty to like in its combination of ominous atmospherics and hugely catchy melodies. We’ve had the record on high rotation, and it’s gotten us thinking about some other dark pop classics from over the years. The art of writing a pop song that’s as catchy as it is ominous and/or disconcerting is a fine one, and it’s been responsible for some of our favorite music. Check out our selections after the jump, and let us know yours.

Depeche Mode — “Master and Servant”

Essex’s finest have constituted the definition of the term “dark pop music” over the years, their output growing steadily gloomier with each passing album without ever losing their gift for melody and general catchiness. There are plenty of gems to choose from, but it’s hard to go past this charming synthpop ditty about sadomasochism.