Ranking Pop Culture’s Imaginary Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Have you ever had a fake boyfriend or girlfriend? Y’know, someone who spontaneously sends you flowers, chocolates, letters, and all that lovey-dovey stuff, but actually doesn’t exist? If you’ve had one, don’t feel too embarrassed. After all, everyone from Jan Brady to Napoleon Dynamite has succumbed to the odd urge to fabricate a relationship as to impress those around them. After the jump, we’ve gathered nine imaginary boyfriends and girlfriends from pop culture and rated ’em from worst to best. So, if you’re in the market for a new, exciting fake romance, click through to see what we’d consider somewhat acceptable.

9. The Least Convincing Fake Girlfriend:The Breakfast Club, “Canadian Girlfriend”

“She lives in Canada, I met her at Niagara Falls. You wouldn’t know her.” — Brian Johnson

Here we have one of the originators of the imaginary “Canadian girlfriend,” as executed by Anthony Michael Hall’s character in The Breakfast Club. When asked if he’s ever had sex, Brian spits out a fake story about a Canadian lover with whom he’s done the deed “lots of times.” Said gal is referenced again by Hall’s character in Weird Science. Take note — imaginary Canadian girlfriends and boyfriends are rarely convincing, especially when followed by, “You wouldn’t know her.”