25 Awesome and Unusual Bike Racks

We know it’s not officially summer quite yet, but the way we see it, we’re square in the center of prime bike riding season — it’s nice enough to bike around the city, but not so hot that the extra effort plasters all your hair to your face and soaks your t-shirt. But where to put your bike when you’ve reached your destination? If you’re lucky, you can cozy it up to one of these wild and colorful bike racks, which nearly all double as public art in their respective cities. After all, why chain your ride to a boring old metal pole when you can wrap it around the spindly legs of a giant red horse or entangle it in the tentacles of a silver squid? We don’t know either. Click through to check out some spectacular and artistic bike racks from around the country (and a few from around the world) and let us know if we’ve missed your neighborhood favorite in the comments.

Louisville, Kentucky [via]