Amazing Animated Gifs of Stereograph Photos from 1930s France

A Paris-based photo enthusiast from Reddit had stumbled upon an old working stereograph in a thrift store, complete with a collection of 50 glass-plate photographs depicting life in 1930s France. Stereographs are two shots of the same scene, photographed simultaneously at a hint of a different angle, popping into 3D when viewed at the same time through a special contraption. No, it’s not quite as exciting as the three dimensional wizardry of today’s blockbuster films, but that’s pretty amazing for the 1930s. Hold on to your bonnets! You can see them in 3D without a stereograph in this series of two-frame animated gifs spotted by PetaPixel. Watch as the roadside picnics, lion tamers, and carousel-riding damsels come to life. 

Photo credit: alexisfromparis