10 of the Most Awkward and Unfunny ‘SNL’ Hosts

Republican Party presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is currently considering a request from SNL creator Lorne Michaels to host the show. Nearly all candidates have appeared on the comedy series, but Steve Forbes was the last to actually host in 1996 — according to The Hollywood Reporter. SNL writer Jim Downey reminds readers that, “[Romney] was funny on Letterman, giving the Top Ten list,” but we’re still not buying it. Can the former Governor of Massachusetts prove that he’s a human being and not an android? Will he actually get the jokes? Will Jason Sudeikis prove that he can out-Romney even Romney? We prepped ourselves for the possible answers by revisiting some of the NBC series’ worst hosts. Unfunny, awkward, and awful SNL MCs await you past the break, proving that sometimes hot-button hosts just don’t have the funny to make it all work. As always, share your picks below.

Steve Forbes

How well did the last presidential candidate who hosted SNL perform? Not so spiffy. Steve Forbes’ jokes flatlined completely — just like his tax plan. Not even his odd, Play-Doh-like expressions could save him. He appeared as host with musical guests Rage Against the Machine, who felt censored by the network due to Forbes’ gig. “They said the sponsors would be upset, and that because Steve Forbes was on, they had to run a ‘tighter’ show,” guitarist Tom Morello shared. “They could not have sucked up to the billionaire more.” Clearly it didn’t help.