Strangely Cathartic Photos of Demolished Apple Products

We love our iPhones, sure, and owe much of our livelihood to our MacBooks. But that doesn’t mean they don’t also sometimes drive us crazy. Whether they’re malfunctioning or simply demanding too much of our attention, it’s only natural that, every once in a while, we just want to take a sledgehammer to the devices that increasingly control our lives. Perhaps it’s that ambivalence that drove graphic designer Michael Tompert — both a former employee of Apple and a longtime fan of its products — to team up with photographer Paul Fairchild on a series of pictures that show iPhone, iPads, and MacBooks smashed to beautiful pieces. As a substitute for throwing your own gadgets at the wall, page through some of their strangely cathartic shots after the jump, and visit Fubiz to see more.

Image credit: Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild