Heartwarming Illustrations of Famed Pop Culture Rivals

If you were a fan of Ingrid Aspöck’s sugary drawings of pop culture’s most legendary rivals burying the hatchet and hugging it out, then we bet that you’ll also enjoy Versus/Hearts, a new Tumblr project that got its start with a “Ninja <3 Pirate" sticker that Twistedfork (aka Dan Matutina) made for his laptop and this desktop background tile. “[I] thought it would be cool to have rivals inside the heart,” he explained to Hyperallergic over email, “the idea being that rivals can’t exist without each other even if they hate one another, sort of like the yin yang.” Click through to check out some of our favorite illustrations from the ongoing series, and if you like, submit a suggestion for which famous pair Matutina should tackle next here.

The Joke & The Bat. Image credit: Twistedfork