Amusing Collages of Men’s Adventure Magazine Figures Set in ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ Interiors

Nadine Boughton came across a collection of vintage men’s adventure magazines from the 1950s and ’60s at a flea market, and her new collage series was born. She found them somewhat shocking, but also amusing — prompting her to combine the kitsch machismo with women’s mag images from the same era. Better Homes and Gardens was her resource, and the two together are great fun.

“These photo collages are set against the backdrop of the McCarthy era, advertising, sexual repression, WWII and the Korean War. The cool, insular world of mid-century modern living glossed over all darkness, which the heroic male fought off in every corner,” Boughton writes on her blog. She sees the narrative in each creation stemming from a “collective psyche,” and wanted to emphasize each image’s opposite nature : “inner and outer spaces, wildness and domesticity, the sweat and the cool.”

Get lost in the jungles of flawless 1950’s living rooms below. Please use a coaster before you allow yourself to be ravaged by a wild animal. By the way, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, the artist is lecturing about her work and the digital collage process tomorrow night.

Image credit: Nadine Boughton [Spotted via Coilhouse]