Incredibly Unique Bookmobiles around the World

Earlier this week, we went nuts over this 1928 bookmobile that we spotted at BoingBoing. The rudimentary unit with giant wheels serviced Los Angeles hospitals as part of a program with the LA public library to reach those immobilized due to illness or disability. Thankfully, there are some bookmobiles that still perform these types of important services today, helping to bring great reads and social interaction to people who need a little literary TLC. However, you don’t have to be home or hospital bound in order to appreciate a bookmobile (as Alec Baldwin could tell you). The roving libraries can be educational, too, or just unique art forms with an added bonus: books! We hit the road and friendly skies (in our imaginations, anyway) and searched for remarkable bookmobiles to inspire you, our fellow bookworms. If there’s a mobile library you love that we didn’t include, share it with us below in the comments section.


The Slumgullion is a publishing collaboration that “strives to create community, empower young voices, and promote literacy and the humanities through the book arts and zines.” The group’s low-fi, bicycle-powered bookmobile distributes various reads across Missoula, Montana — particularly art-focused zines and comics for all ages.